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Love and Trust and Friends and Hammers

At the Academy with Richard and John C to see the Hold Steady.
The Hold Steady

Phew. OK, That’s Enough Going Out

Lord, Do Slow Me Down. Went to GBK for dinner, and what with the lads coming back tomorrow, that’s it for the fancy-free lifestyle for a bit. Just as well, we’re knackered. Richard Herring has no idea what it’s really like.

And Yet, I’m Still The Oldest Person In The Room

To the Frog and Bucket for Richard Herring’s show “Oh Dear, I’m 40” (I paraphrase), and it’s noticeable, to me anyway, that there are approximately three people in the place who are 40+. One of them’s on the stage, one is sitting next to me, and the third is sitting next to her. I suppose that most people in their forties have other commitments, and it’s only thanks to a sly bit of diary-juggling that we’ve got here. Which makes me think that someone could clean up by taking the idea for this show and aiming it at a demographic that would be more likely to turn out in bigger numbers. “Oh Dear, I’m 26,” for example.

Sarah Chang Gives It Some Welly

Richie and Davy are at my parents’ for half-term, so ho! to the Bridgewater Hall, and the expansion of our horizons. This is the first time we’ve been to a classical concert, and we’ve picked the English Chamber Orchestra and international superstar fiddle-fiddler Sarah Chang for a non-challenging introduction to the scene. The band (this may not be the right terminology) took us through Bach’s third Brandenburg Concerto, Tchaikovsky’s Serenade For Strings and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, with Chang appearing for just the Vivaldi.

You can’t help but admire the ability of the musicians. I’d only ever heard classical music through a medium – CD, TV, radio – but to hear it live emphasised how precise the playing was, and the depth and richness of the sound that they produced was wonderful. Obviously Chang is the star, but she dominated the Four Seasons – the only one not seated, a vivid turquoise dress and facial expressions which at times reminded me of Nigel Tufnell – and I’m not sure that really helped.

Classical concert tips for newbies: (1) it doesn’t matter much what you wear – jeans are OK, but white tie is probably a bit much – and (2) don’t start clapping until everyone else does.