So I had this idea to take a picture of the brood every week for a year, and build the pictures into a movie. Fortunately the brood decided to humour me. So on a Sunday, usually after dinner, we’d all line up on the sofa, I’d try to put the digital camera as close as possible to where it was the previous week, and we’d use the camera’s timer to snap us.

We often tried to reflect what we’d been doing during the day – the Manchester 10K, for example, or Jon and Kay’s wedding. The empty sofas are from weekends that we were away.

I wanted to use a morphing program to make the transitions really smooth, but how much spare time do you think I have exactly? In the end I used Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, and faded from one image to the next. The soundtrack, by the way, is Sofa Of My Lethargy by Supergrass.

You can download the entire movie as a 22.5MB zipped Windows Media file.

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