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Tu Tu Tango

We had a fantastic evening at Tu Tu Tango tonight. The food (American Tapas – huh?) was great, Spanish dancing occurred (performed by professionals, I hasten to add, not by us), and the artist-in-residence showed Richie how to make a turtle and a hammerhead shark out of clay. Best meal of the holiday, I expect, though Sarah particularly enjoyed Jiko, back at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

It’s Yer Money I’m After, Baby

I got a reply from Manchester United today, finally some sort of response to my complaints about what I saw as actions contrary to the Club Charter. (I wrote to them initially on 21st May. Yeah.) Basically, what they said was: we did it for the cash.

Which, of course, we all knew. I just wanted them to damn well say it.

Incidentally: the club’s web site is still advertising season tickets for 2007/8. Hah.

Note To Self

Five boys aged ten and under is too many for two adults to deal with.