Archive for September, 2005

Back Garden Panorama

This image was created using a brilliant program called Autostitch. I snapped 25 to 30 photos from the back step, turning through 180 degrees horizontally and going up about three frames vertically too. Then all I had to do was drop the images into Autostitch. I didn’t need to order them or position them or anything, Autostitch figured it all out, and did it really quickly considering they were 4 megapixel images.

You can download the full 2.2MB, 17 megapixel image.

Life Poster

Inspired by Mike Matas’ post, I built my own “life poster”. It’s harder to do on Windows than Mac, I guess, but I managed to do it with Paint Shop Pro.

My final image was 7200 pixels by 4800 pixels. You need it to be this big to make a decent quality 36″ by 24″ poster. I uploaded the final image to Fotopic, and they did a really good job of printing it on nice heavy photo paper for 22 quid.

It would work fine as a poster; we got it framed and it’s on the dining room wall.