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Almost no training since the Wilmslow Half, and wouldn’t you know, it’s a personal best of 53:51. I guess I’m reaping the benefits of my earlier training.

Here’s my race result, and here’s a screen capture from BBC iPlayer showing us on the telly in the highlights programme. This was at the finish for Richie’s race yesterday.

Edited to add: I subsequently found out that two of the people I know who were in the race, Paul and Phil, beat me, but by less than a minute, and I’m damned if they’re both not 15 years younger than me, and one of them’s a flippin’ fitness coach.

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(I’m never sure which order the words go in on these events.)

The boys ran their races today, D. tackling 1.8km and R. doing a slightly longer 2.4km. Although the weather wasn’t kind, they both did a great job. D. finished in 12:24, and R. in 13:50. Their own blogs are the places to look for photos, obviously.

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