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A new mash-up what I done: The B-52s’ “Love Shack” b/w the Smiths’ “Bigmouth Strikes Again”.

Download it here (4.28 MB).

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I did it, I listened to every single song on my iPod.

Out of interest (it’s just as expression), the last 10 songs that I listened to (not including songs added in the last month, because, like, give ’em a chance at least) were:

  • Ronnie Lane – How Come. Actually, I do like this, so I’m not quite sure why I’ve never listened all the way through. It’s not the hit single version, so maybe that’s it.
  • The Costello Show – The People’s Limousine. I used to listen to Elvis all the time, at least in the days of vinyl and CDs. Not so much these days.
  • The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun. Fair enough, I do always skip this one. Forced to listen to it here, I admit it sounds pretty good.
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Born In Chicago. This is great, and while I like the Pixies version more, I’m glad I got this on the Elektra records box set.
  • The Sugarcubes – Shoot Him. Strictly unfair that this should be here, because it’s a relatively recent arrival on the iPod, just a couple of months ago. But rules is rules.
  • Jonathan Coulton – Flickr. Odd. Surely I listened to this loads of times? But iTunes says no. Musta reloaded it at some point.
  • Yo La Tengo – The Summer. Couldn’t hum this to you even now.
  • John Barry Orchestra – 007. Another semi-recent addition
  • The Who – Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere. This is OK. No doubt a victim of that irritating iPod habit I have of skipping forward all the time.
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 09-15-00 (Part One). 16 minutes 27 seconds of noodling. Would only have previously been lucky enough to be played by an iPod left on its own in random play mode.

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