I can’t be the first person to notice this, though I did Google the basic premise and I came up blank.  So apologies to anyone who got there first, but: isn’t the plot of “The King’s Speech” basically the same as the plot of “Star Wars”?

The King’s Speech Star Wars
The story takes place against the background of impending World War. ongoing revolutionary war.
Our hero, whose mum was the Queen, the Queen,
is named Bertie Luke
and yearns for a different life. a different life.
His posh love interest, Elizabeth, Leia,
leads him to encounter a strange guru called Lionel Ben
who inhabits a skanky basement. a skanky hut.
The guru teaches him about bizarre mind tricks bizarre mind tricks
which nobody else believes in, and at one point makes him wear headphones to suppress his hearing. a backwards helmet to suppress his vision.
The guru talks to our hero about his father, his father,
and they make good progress until they are separated by an argument. Ben’s death.
There is much shouting, and Bertie storms off. Luke runs away.
However, this cannot keep them apart, and when Bertie marches along a narrow corridor Luke flies along a narrow trench
towards a tiny studio a tiny exhaust port
we observe that Lionel Ben
is there to offer guidance and support.
A corgi appears. A Wookiee appears.
Thanks to his training, Bertie Luke
successfully completes his objective and returns triumphant to an embrace from Elizabeth. Leia.
Our hero, proudly displaying an enormous number of medals a medal
wordlessly receives the adulation of an delirious crowd.
There is no medal for the corgi. There is no medal for the Wookiee.

Yes, yes, some of the above is flippant.  But the headphones/helmet scenes, the tracking shots towards the studio/Death Star, the scenes inside the studio/cockpit and the cheering crowd scenes are uncannily similar to each other.

You could also, I think, make a case for Lionel being an amalgam of the Ben and Han roles.